Return Policy

Sandi Cabinet understands the importance of choosing the right product for your project. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, simply return the merchandise to Sandi Cabinet within 7 days of purchase with a valid receipt.

  • All return products must be undamaged and in a resalable condition.
  • All returns must be original packaging.
  • 25% restocking charge on all APPROVED return items with the original packaging.
  • Assemble products is no returnable and non-exchange.
  • Your refund will be processed by the same method of payment from your original purchase or store credit.
  • The customer will responsible for all shipping costs associated with ant return.

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Orders canceled prior to shipping can be canceled without penalty. If you decide to cancel an order, please call our customer service immediately at 604-272-7744 on weekdays from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. Once an order has been loaded and is in route to the shipping address, Sandi Cabinet will charge all applicable shipping fees as part of the return. The customer is fully responsible for all outgoing and return shipping costs.

Product Accuracy Verification

It is clients’ responsibility to inspect and verify the type of merchandise purchased, quantity, model number, color and product accuracy prior to leaving the store.

Any differences between the customer’s request and the purchased merchandise as reflected on the sales receipt must be determined prior to leave the premises and a manager must be notified.

By signing your receipt at the time of pick up your signature will constitute your agreement that your order has been received in full and that it is accurate. Once you have left the premises, no exceptions will be made

Once a product has been installed, the product cannot be returned. Sandi Cabinet is not responsible for product defect or damage, property damage or lost labor costs due to faulty installation. Claims for damage or shortage must be made upon receipt of the product. Thoroughly inspect all products before installation, as usage will constitute acceptance.

For more information, please contact our customer service by calling 604-272-7744.


This warranty is limited to residential use of Sandi’s Cabinets only. This warranty is not transferrable. Please be advised it is the responsibility of the installer and/or homeowner to inspect the product prior to installation. Damaged pieces should be set aside and pictures were taken of the damage. Pictures and the bill of sale to be forwarded to Sandi Cabinets Inc. within 48 hours of the date of purchase/delivery. Sandi Cabinets takes no responsibility for pieces that are/were damaged without the pictures and the bill of sale. Sandi Cabinets accepts no responsibility for costs of product or labor when pieces with visible defects have been installed.
Sandi Cabinet’s warranty covers, at the time of sale, the cabinets will be free from defects in material and manufacturing and conforms to Sandi’s strict specifications for the product category.

If your product fails for any of the above-noted reasons, Sandi Cabinet’s & Flooring will replace or repair, at its option, a portion or all of the cabinets at no cost to the original purchaser as long as the purchaser still owns the property where the cabinets were installed.

Sandi Cabinet’s Warranty extends to cabinets maintained in Normal Environmental Conditions. (The heating and ventilation systems are maintained and the interior humidity levels are at a level between 30% and 50% with normal room temperatures between 15.5°C and 26.6°C (60°F and 80°F) year-round).

Not covered with this warranty:

Colour aberration of the cabinet doors and/or side panels is expected to not exceed 15%.

Cracking: The cracking of the surface of the cabinets is to be expected due to the nature of wood. Sandi Cabinets will define as a quality issue only when the cracking area is more than 1/8 of the total cabinet’s surface.

Grain: Our cabinets are made of natural solid wood and, as a result, the grain of the cabinets, the density of the wood, and the consistency of the paint can vary from piece to piece.

Tolerance: Cabinets are expected to shrink, distort, crack, and/or bend in various circumstances due to the nature of wood products. Sandi Cabinet’s will define it as a quality issue if cracks and/or bends are over 1/8″.

Improper installation/maintenance and failure to adhere to Sandi Cabinet’s installation and maintenance instructions.

Damage due to water and/or moisture including, but not limited to damage resulting from broken or leaking pipes, weather conditions, or natural disasters are all excluded from Sandi Cabinets warranty.
Insect infestations after the product leave our facility.

Abuse, neglect, abnormal use or misuse of solvents, corrosives or other chemicals, etc.

Improper cleaning or maintenance products

Sandi Cabinets offers on-site measurements in order to ensure all the dimensions provided by the customer are right. If the customer waives this measuring service, Sandi Cabinets will not be responsible for any error it might incur, such as cabinets that don’t fit, plumbing/wiring which impede.


  1. The customer is responsible for all delivery costs; you can select a freight method of your choice or we can provide one for you.
  2. If you, the customer, wish to cancel the installation and the delivery of your product(s) Sandi must be notified within 14 hours of the booking the delivery date or the date of purchase. If this 24-hour deadline is not met, the customer will be charged a 10% penalty fee.

Please note if you wish to cancel an order that has not left our warehouse, restocking fees will apply.
Also, if you are not available to accept the delivery of your purchase(s) within 14 days of the delivery date originally planned, a storage fee of 10% will be charged.