Merchandise Pickup

A customer electing to pick up products from Sandi Cabinet is responsible for providing a safe and adequate vehicle for transportation and assume full responsibility for pick up and transportation of merchandise.

Sandi Cabinet is not responsible for damages occurring to vehicles while loading. If equipment or machinery is in use, the customer is required to stand at least ten feet away from the operation of any such equipment or machinery and to otherwise exercise diligence to protect themselves from harm.

As a courtesy to its customers, Sandi Cabinet will assist with the loading of purchased merchandise, however, it is the customer’s responsibility to stop the employee if he/she feels that the load is too heavy for the vehicle or is not otherwise safe. The customer is fully responsible for securing merchandise and ensuring it is properly loaded and/or secured prior to leaving the premises.

Merchandise Delivery-Paid Services

On Special request we provide Delivery Services for our clients through reliable Third Party logistics companies . Documentation and Packing fees will be charged by Sandi for organizing delivery services.

We take adequate preauction for a safe and timely delivery of the cabinets. We take full responsibility of accuracy of the order dispatched

Product Accuracy Verification

It is clients’ responsibility to inspect and verify the type of merchandise purchased, quantity, model number, color and product accuracy prior to leaving the store.

Any differences between the customer’s request and the purchased merchandise as reflected on the sales receipt must be determined prior to leave the premises and a manager must be notified.

By signing your receipt at the time of pick up your signature will constitute your agreement that your order has been received in full and that it is accurate. Once you have left the premises, no exceptions will be made

Delivery Cancellation-Applicable Charges

Orders canceled prior to shipping can be canceled with applicable charges. If you decide to cancel an order, please call our customer service immediately at 604-272-7744. The hours are weekdays from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. Once an order has been loaded and is in route to the shipping address, Sandi Cabinet will charge all applicable shipping fees as part of the return. The customer is fully responsible for all outgoing and return shipping costs.